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A Stress-Free Entertainment Service

Located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Jimmy Bellingy has been working in the entertainment industry as a DJ since 1991, providing his services at night clubs and private events. Jimmy has gained extensive experience and understands that every individual has unique requirements. Jimmy seamlessly meets these requirements by delivering a fantastically comprehensive range of music and equipment and adopting a responsive and flexible approach to making your dream day a reality.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Stonegroove have provided services to a variety of residencies, including Notley Tythe Barn, Hampden House, Pinewood Studios, Danesfields House and Hedsor House. We have worked at a number of different types of events, ranging from weddings and birthday parties to corporate functions. At any type of event and in any scenario we ensure that we cater to your needs and provide the experience you envisage.

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